Quincy Officials Propose New Rules To Eliminate Cash Only Hotels

Generic Do Not Disturb Sign Hotel Room Door (Credit: Getty Images)

QUINCY, MA (WBZ-AM) -- In an effort to keep the city of Quincy safe and crime free, a city councilor is considering a measure that would require hotels and motels to take specific steps to minimize trouble.

City councilor brian palmucci is seeking to add four regulations as a minimum requirement to hotel and motels in his city.

The proposed ordinances would require hotels and motels to present government-issued ID before renting a room and hotels would longer be cash only.

While guest guests still could pay in cash, but they would first have to have a credit card number on file with the hotel or motel Palmucci said.

Palmucci says that the proposals would also require hotels and motels to file a safety plan to be reviewed by the police.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Tina Gao Reports

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