WATCH: A Poem For The No Snow Storm

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- While the most of the region may have missed most of the anticipated nor'easter, WBZ NewsRadio1030's Carl Stevens is happy that the storm missed the region. 

He expressed it in his own In his own poetic way during his 6:55 a.m. report.

A Poem For The No Snow Storm

By Carl Stevens 

Storm after storm we got slammed and slammed,

Wave after wave, we got hit KABAM---

Nor-easters galore, rammed down our throats,

Sand was erased, back yards became moats,

So when another was coming, we all got ill,

Ran to the markets for our bread and milk,

Began hunkering down and waiting again...

For the snow, the carnage, and the incredible wind...

We went to bed shaking, screaming "oh why?"

But when we woke up, there was no snow in the sky,

We got lucky for once, we dodged a bullet,

The onion of fortune was sautéed in our skillet,

How truly fortunate can we all get?

The snow plows were out, but the pavement's just wet...

Could it really potentially be true

That the plodding winter could finally be true...

Can we put away the shovels and scrapers and hats

And get out the sandals and the baseball bats?

Maybe this is just a hiccup...but i don't really care...

I'm just happy that for once, we were finally spared.

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