Nor'Easter Uncovers Century Old Horse Tracks on Nauset Beach

ORLEANS, MA (WBZ-AM) --  On Nauset beach a  35 foot long peat bed bearing impressions of what looks like carriage tracks and hoof-prints was discovered by Orleans Police LT. Kevin Higgins right after this month's first nor'easter.

“In amongst all of the striations were all kinds of hoof prints, hoof marks.  I realized this was in all likelihood something from hundreds of years ago,” Higgins said.

Then after the next nor'easter Higgins found an even bigger peat bed farther up the beach along with what he describes as remnants of an old road

“To keep the peat bed intact it looks like they used some sort of granite or cobblestone,” he said.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Shari Small Reports.

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