Tens Of Thousands March In Boston For Tougher Gun Laws

(PHOTO: Kim Tunnicliffe via Twitter)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- They’ve had it. Tens of thousands of young people, ranging from fifth graders to college students, marched along Columbus Avenue, raising their voices for tougher gun laws as part of the “March for Our Lives.”

Lonore Munoz, 17, is a senior at Stoneman Douglas High School and lived through the Valentine’s Day shooting. She was right at the front of the march.

“This is super intense and I’m super proud of everyone for coming together and fighting for our right to live,” Munoz said. “I really think that this will make a change.”

Dolly McIlvaine stood out on the sidewalk to cheer on the student-led March.

“It’s time to take a stand,” McIlvaine said. “It’s time to say that things have to change. The NRA can’t be buying our politicians.”

Kim Tunnicliffe Reports for WBZ NewsRadio

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