Billerica Schools Adding 1 Hour Each Week To Make Up For Snow Days

BILLERICA (WBZ-AM) -- School leaders met Monday night to decide how to make up snow days.

The district is up to eight school days, but parents told WBZ-TV they did not want days added to the end of the year.

"Tacking on more days at the end of June, the kids are tapped out," said one parent. "They're not paying attention to school."

Officials listened to parents, and the idea they came up with was to add one hour each week after April vacation--and to turn three early release days into full school days.

"I was pleasantly surprised," said one parent. "They're being creative and trying to find different options that will work for families and looking for input from the community and making sure it works for everyone."

The idea needs approval from the Teacher's Union, and the superintendent hopes to have a final word on make-up days by the end of the week.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports

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