New RMV Computer System 'A Big Mess,' Driving Instructors Say

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Some driving school instructors are criticizing the RMV's new computer system, which went online Monday, as "a big mess."

A number of driving schools across the state have received error messages related to scheduling road tests and entering students into the system.

Marie has been in the driving school business in Massachusetts for over 15 years. WBZ NewsRadio 1030 has agreed not to use her real name in order to protect her business from any additional aggravation from the RMV.

"At the Registry of Motor Vehicles, they promised us that it's going to be easy, the system is not going to crash on us, that everything is going to be well-explained, and we're gonna go live on Monday and everything's gonna be fine," she said.

But on Monday, when she tried to enter her students into the new system, she saw they weren't there.

"They all disappeared for some reason," she said.

She said there were about 40 people who she was unable to book for a road test because of the issues.

The trouble followed hiccups earlier in the week after the implementation of the new system.

RMV Computer Upgrades Leave Some Hiccups. - Thumbnail Image

RMV Computer Upgrades Leave Some Hiccups.

According to Christopher Agganis, President of the Agganis Driving School, a policy was secretly changed during the switchover--preventing more than half his clients from taking a road test by April 7.

"What the registry now is saying is that, once you've completed all the state requirements at 16 1/2, they're allowing you to schedule a driver's licence test," Agganis said. "They're not allowing you to take the test that day, and it's never been that way."

When reached for comment, the RMV said they were unaware of these issues.

But Agganis said he's sent emails to the registrar about his concerns--and Marie said she called, but hasn't received an explanation or help.

"They are telling me, 'Oh, we don't know how to resolve this problem, why don't you call the main person who's in charge?'"

She said she fears that if the agency doesn't get their act together, business owners like herself will suffer.

"Give us information so we can give it to our clients," she said. "We want to do our work, we want to work with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. I'm sure it's gonna be good, but as of right now, it's a big mess."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Bernice Corpuz reports

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