Ex UMass Memorial Nurse Accuses Hospital of Discrimination

UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA(Credit: Flickr/Svadilfari)

WORCESTER, MA (WBZ-AM) -- University of Massachusetts Memorial Hospital in Worcester vows to "vigorously" defend itself against claims of sexual discrimination after a nurse went public with her allegations this week.

Kirsten Maxfield who filed the claim tells WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Lana Jones that a male surgeon sprayed her with a patients fluid in the operating room her complaint to the hospital was investigated then dismissed.

The incident allegedly happened in 2017.

“He did it deliberately and laughed after the incident, “Maxfield said

Maxfield Lawyer Chris Wurther calls the hospital investigation into her grievance a "sham." He says more women are coming forward.

“We’ve gotten a dozen phone calls from others, majority of whom are current or former UMass Memorial employees who have expressed the same kind of harassment” Wurther said. 

“Some of them are nurses, some of them are support staff but all of them are expressing that this kind of culture where they are afraid to come forward when they are at work and so they are hoping to peruse charges now” he said.

Wurther says he’s taken on at least one other case.

Maxfield case is currently being investigated before the Commonwealth’s Commission Against Discrimination,

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Lana Jones report.

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