New Proposed Flight Pattern Over Logan Airport

An American Airlines flight takes off from Boston (Credit C.J. Hunther/AFP/Getty Images)

HULL, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Residents in Hull may be sleeping a little more soundly this summer.  

Massport and the FAA have been working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology lookinng into new flight paths for some late night flights that would not take them directly overhead the seaside community.

While Hull Town Manager Phillip Lemnios says its not a done deal yet but, it's a simple fix-sending some planes over the harbor.

"It represents an opportunity to take advantage of flying over low flying areas." he said.

The Town has been asking for relief for years as the number of international and freight flights into Logan Airport have grown.

"The big change has been the expansion of international flights because  those flights tend to leave very late at night and there has also been an expansion of the freight flights, you know the UPS flights...overhead disturb residents being to able quiet enjoyment over their homes,"  Lemnios said.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Lana Jones reports.

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