Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Devastated After Embarrassing Fail

Wheel of Fortune has brought us some great TV moments - from a farting contestant to a disappointed granddad to a man with a dirty mind - and now there is a new clip to add to that list. 

On Monday's show, a contestant named Jonny was getting a bunch of letters on a puzzle. He picked the final missing letter of it, racked up a potential $7,100, and all he had to do was read the three words on the board - "Flamenco Dance Lessons." 

Unfortunately for Jonny, pronunciation matters on Wheel and he misread the answer as "Flamingo Dance Lessons," costing him the money and the game. 

However, Jonny didn't know what he did wrong and was shocked when he heard the buzzer telling him he was incorrect, and devastated when host Pat Sajak explained what went wrong. 

It was actually a pretty rough night for Jonny. Earlier in the game on a "Before and After" puzzle, the answer was pretty clearly "Dog And Pony Show Me The Money," but the letter Jonny guessed was a C. 

Photo Credit: Getty