Weather Doesn't Dampen Wellesley's Famed Boston Marathon Scream Tunnel

(Kim Tunnicliffe/WBZ NewsRadio 1030)

WELLESLEY (WBZ-AM) -- A small but enthusiastic crowd of Wellesley College students gathered at the infamous 'scream tunnel' to cheer on runners in the 122nd Boston Marathon on Monday.

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They didn't let the damp, dreary weather rain on their parade--they screamed their hearts out, giving runners much-needed support as they headed toward Newton and Heartbreak Hill.

"It's the best show around, it's amazing, it's incredible to watch," a man named Jared told WBZ NewsRadio 1003's Kim Tunnicliffe. "It's everyday people running this from all over the world. You meet them around town, and it's really cool to see people fighting through craziness to run this."

One student carried a sign in the shape of an arrow.

"I wanted to branch out from the regular rectangular sign," she said. "It says 'kisses this way'--I wasn't sure if I wanted to be the reciprocator of the kisses, but maybe like, I'm pointing to my friends with the kisses? It depends how I feel!"

A woman named Rebecca said she and her family come out every year to cheer the runners on.

"These people are the true heroes, we're just the spectators," she said of the runners. 

Spectator Greg Emerson said he felt bad the runners had to run in the rain, so he brought some supplies.

"Hand warmers, plastic bags, I bought some one dollar gloves, and if they need it, I'm here for it," he said.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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