Report: Tom Brady Not Yet Committed to Playing With Patriots in ‘18

PHOTO: Getty Images

Although it doesn’t look like there’s cause for panic, there is a bit of uncertainty surrounding New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. ESPN reported Wednesday that Brady has not yet committed to playing in the upcoming 2018 NFL season.

People who know the quarterback do believe he will be returning, but are unable to confirm his status, definitively.

"My money would be on him playing football for the foreseeable future, but what goes on away from the football field, I don't know," a source told ESPN. "I don't know."

It’s not a question of whether the 41-year-old wants to play football, but he reportedly expressed to those around him that he would like to spend more time with family. He alluded to this in episode six of the Tom vs Time docu-series.

"I believe he's going to be there," another source told ESPN. "However, having said that, we're dealing with a human being. Things can change. But I do believe he will be playing."

Brady was not present at the start of the Patriots offseason, spending the weekend in Qatar.


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