A Carl Stevens Poem For Lana Jones

Lana Jones (Credit: Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley/Twitter)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens wrote a poem in remembrance of legendary WBZ reporter, Lana Jones who died Wednesday at the age of 62.


I'm looking for words, lord, please give me some...

please part these clouds and show me the sun,

grief fills my soul like an awful stone...

we've lost our good friend, Lana Jones.

it happened so fast, and my vision is blurred,

but i want to share what i learned from her.

she was a reporter, the best that you'll see,

she showed with her work what a reporter can be.

nothing phased her, she was tough as nails,

when bad news filled a bucket, she'd lift the whole pail,

when things came so fast you didn't know what to think,

she'd absorb the facts and wouldn't blink.

when a grim story smashed a sunny day

she'd grin and say, "i'm on my way."

she was there for every mile,

from the boston marathon to the bulger trial,

she saw some things that would make you hurt,

but Lana found the flowers in the dirt...

in places where goodness was hard to find,

she always found the space to be kind...

with a quick smile and an open heart,

Lana Jones was a breed apart...

and while most of us focus on the weird or the gory,

Lana had her eyes on a different story...

she saw things in a way i wish we all could,

we see so much of the bad, she saw so much of the good...

kids raising money for a worthy cause,

she made us listen, she made us pause...

from the stories she told, to the look on her face,

she reminded us that this world is not a bad place.

I'm so sad that it came so quick to this end...

but I want to say thank you, Lana, and rest in peace, my friend.

Listen to Carl read his poem:

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