AG: No Criminal Charges In Altering Arrest Report Judge's Daughter

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office says it will not file criminal charges in the case of an  arrest report being cleansed for a judge's daughter.

Attorney General Maura Healy's office says there is not enough evidence to find Alli Bibaud -- the daughter of Judge Timothy Bibaud, was treated differently than other suspects would be. 

Two state troopers filed suit, saying they were told by their supervisors to alter the report.   

Bibaud was arrested for OUI after a crash in October of 2017.  Troopers say she appeared to be intoxicated and was in possession of heroin. 

The troopers also said Bibaud told the troopers her father was a judge, said she offered sexual favors for leniency. 

The woman's father, Judge Bibaud, is accused of interfering. The case will be referred to state's ethics commission.  

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