Local Politicians React To Trump Nuclear Agreement

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM/AP) -- As President Trump announced his decision to pull out of the Iran deal local politicians in congress and senate weighed in.

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Trump Decides To Exit Nuclear Accord With Iran

“President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Deal by not extending waivers on Iran sanctions is one of the most reckless and dangerous things he’s done since taking office." said Congressman Jim McGovern.

“By abandoning the Iran Deal, as well as adding other poorly-conceived unilateral sanctions and conditions against Iran, President Trump has put America’s national security at risk and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran back on the table," he said in a statement.

In a tweet,  New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen called the President's decision to withdraw from the accord "needlessly discards our only effective means of curtailing Iran’s nuclear capabilities and emboldens hardliners in Iran to resume nuclear weapons activity." 

Her full statement below:

"We should steer our nation down the pathway to a safer and more peaceful world, not the pathway to war. This decision will make Americans and people all across the world less safe. We should side with our allies and stay with them in the Iran deal,"said  New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

Her Full Statement Below:

"This decision has left us isolated from our closest European allies, less secure, and without any strategy to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons other than another deadly war," said Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey.

"Leaving the Iran Deal frees Iran to immediately re-start nuclear activities, encourages its rivals to pursue their own nuclear weapons programs, risks a calamitous military conflict in the Middle East, and bolsters Iran's hardliners," Markey tweeted.

His Full Statement Below:

Massachusetts Congressman Michael Capuano said that:

"President Trump’s decision to back out of the Iran deal could very well be the most dangerous action he has taken so far. For those of us who do not want Iran to build a nuclear weapon and do not want to encourage an unnecessary war, the best we can do is hope that our European allies can convince the Iranians not to resume work on a nuclear weapon. Trump appears to be making a high stakes gamble that harsher sanctions will bring around regime change. I think most people and most nations do not like to be bullied, and I think he is almost certain to fail. Worse, Trump’s action today also sends a clear message to other countries that they can no longer trust the United States under this administration to uphold our agreements."

"While not perfect, the deal was hard-won after years of intense negotiations with a hard-line adversary in order to prevent Iran from coming any closer to acquiring the materials to build a nuclear weapon. The consequences of walking away from this deal cannot be underestimated," said Massachusetts Congresswoman Niki Tsongas on Twitter.

Read her full statement:

Over in Rhode Island, Congressman David Cicilline said that The President's decision "undermines the United States’ reputation. We have always kept our word, but that changed today. Countries like North Korea now have even more reason to question whether President Trump won’t just change the terms of any current or future agreements when he feels like it. That will make us less respected across the world, and it does nothing to make us safer at home," he tweeted.

"Once again, the President is threatening U.S. national security and international stability. The Iran nuclear deal provides for comprehensive monitoring by the international community, and there remains no evidence that Iran is violating its commitments." Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin Tweeted 

"Walking away from the JCPOA abandons our allies, weakens our credibility, and harms our ability to foster similar diplomatic agreements in the future. Worse, it undermines the central goal of the agreement - to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Trump's decision Tuesday hurts U.S. credibility and empowers Iranian hardliners while Sen. Edward Markey said pulling out undermines America's national security interests.

Former Democratic Sen. John Kerry, who helped hammer out the deal as President Obama's secretary of state, said the decision weakens America's security and puts Israel at greater risk.

Former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney said the agreement was a bad deal and nothing short of the permanent elimination of Iran's nuclear weapons program is acceptable.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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