A Carl Stevens Poem For Mother's Day

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BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- In his own poetic way, WBZ NewsRadio1030's resident poet laureate, Carl Stevens honors all the Mothers out there with special Mother's Day poem.

A Mother's Day Poem

By Carl Stevens

We love our moms, how can we resist?

Without our moms, we wouldn't exist.

We'd never see or breathe in air....

We'd never enjoy a county fair...

We'd never run along a beach,

We'd never hear a preacher preach,

We'd never smell the scent of pine,

We'd never have a sip of wine,

We'd never hear Beethoven, Bach or Liszt,

We'd never enjoy a midnight kiss...

We wouldn't be big, we wouldn't be small...

Without our moms, we'd be nothing at all.

She gave us milk in the middle of the night,

She wiped the tears from our crying eyes,

She made sweet music from the harshest sounds,

She helped us get up off the ground,

When our hearts got broke by some guy or gal,

Mom was there: our constant pal.

When sadness fell from the skies above,

Mom let us know that we were loved.

She listened intently, without resistance,

She quietly endured our adolescence...

When we shared our latest brilliant hunch

She smiled, nodded, and packed our lunch.

When the weight of the world brought us down

She put her fingers on the ends of that frown

And created a smile with a pat on the head,

Mom is mom, but she is also our friend.

So get off your butts and head for the store,

Show that you love your mom some more,

Dump the attitude and those teenage poses,

Go to the florist and buy some roses,

And at Sunday dinner, when the dessert is gone,

Give her a hug, and say "I love you, Mom.”

To hear Carl’s poem, listen below:

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