Police Fearing "Bomb" At School, Find "Bong" Report Instead

Holliston, MA High School (Credit Holliston Public Schools/Facebook)

HOLLISTON, Mass. (AP) — Police arriving at Holliston High School were worried that they might have a potentially explosive situation on their hands.

Earlier Friday morning they'd received an anonymous phone call claiming that a student had a "bomb" in a car at the school.

The high school administration was notified and the student parking lot cordoned off, according to a police report.

Police and school officials were then able to identify and interview the anonymous caller and the student with the car.

Police said the caller said they had called to report that there was a "bong" in a car — not a "bomb."

Police said a "search of the student-suspect's car confirmed the caller's words were misunderstood."

The student parking lot was re-opened and normal school activities resumed.

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