WATCH: Burlington High Students Watch Mock Crash Ahead Of Prom Season

BURLINGTON, MA (WBZ-AM) – It was a dramatic scene outside Burlington High School. However it wasn’t real and the goal is that it will never be.

A mock crash at Burlington High School Friday students got a dose of reality before prom season all in effort to give them awareness about bad decisions and the dangers of drinking and driving.

Following an indoor assembly, students came outside to see a car crash head on the street next to the High School.

Their friends and classmates lying injured --- crying for help -- as first responders hurried to the scene.

“This program we do every other year around prom season setting up a mock crash with a video leading into that crash in which the students are players in the video. Some students choosing bad behavior, drinking, etc and driving and another group of students not and they get into an accident,” Burlington Police Chief, Mike Kent.

 As the driver is tested for and arrested for drunk driving the injured are tended to a sheet poured over one of the victims.

For Lt. Mark Saia with Burlington Fire he says that says as what the kids see really hits home.

“These are their peers and they're actually seeing their peers be involved in a bad incident… and again these are the people that have been with these kids that have been involved in these acts. These six kids care have been friends for life and so is it really impactful when you can actually see it happen and actually see it play out.” Saia said

After a med flight helicopter arrives to take one of the injured away, students watch as a hearse arrives and removes one of their classmates.

Jesse Guber is a junior at the school and one of those hurt in this mock crash for her as a big message she hopes to send.

“I think that one they should never drink and drive never get behind the wheel if they're in any shape of not being able to also wearing their seat belts it's really important staying safe because their actions that affect the entire school are affect their family and it just it's not just about them it's about all of us.” she said.

Following the crash, students returned inside for another video and discussion of the entire dramatic series of events and real time with a very simple yet very important mission.

“You know, if it saves one kid to make the right decision that it's worth all the work they into it” Kent said.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Ben Parker reports.

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