English High Student Testifies Fmr. Dean Shot Him Over Pot Deal

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- As an English High School sophomore, Louis Rodriguez testified that former administrative dean Shaun Harrison called him "Little G," and he called Harrison "Big G."

The 20-year-old former student also told a Suffolk Superior courtroom Friday that the dean gave him marijuana to sell, and tried to kill him when he didn't sell enough of it.

Rodriguez, then a sophomore, said the two would meet at a McDonald's and then go to the dean's home. There, in the basement, Rodriguez said Harrison gave him an ounce of marijuana, telling him to get at least $250 and keep any profit.

"I never made money for myself, I just smoked," Rodriguez said.

But on March 3, 2015, Rodriguez said Harrison took him out on a walk and tried to kill him for not selling enough pot.

Harrison is now on trial for attempted murder--and Rodriguez testified about that fateful walk.

He said Harrison took his phone from him.

"He was on the phone, and then he told them, 'I gotta make sure that my little homie gets home on time,'" he said. "I step a little bit in front of him and after that, all I felt was just a loud bang and I hit the floor."

Rodriguez said his instinct after being shot was to apply direct pressure to a bullet hole. Then, he flagged down a good Samaritan.

"Am I gonna die?" he said he asked that person.

Rodriguez spent the next 12 days in a hospital. The bullet, he said, broke his jaw, took half his left ear's hearing, and severed a facial nerve.

He stood to show jurors a scar on his head--and told them he felt "dazed" after being shot.

Jurors also viewed surveillance video of the alleged shooting. On a snowy night, two figures can be seen walking near a Sunoco station--then one runs off. The second can be seen flagging someone down.

The trial is expected to go to a jury next week.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Bill Marcus reports

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