Stoughton High School Mourning After Car Crash Kills Four

STOUGHTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- The long process of grieving is underway for students and staff at Stoughton High School as they are trying to deal with the death of four students in a car crash in East Bridgewater on Saturday.

Chistopher Desir, 17, Eric Soblah, 17, David Bell,17 along with Nick Joyce, 16 were killed in that crash while the driver, a 17 year-old, was transported to Boston Medical Center. 

Police continue to investigate the cause of the crash when their car rolled over on Route 106. They way speed and inexperience may have attributed to the crash.

While the school is open today, Stoughton Public Schools Superintendent Maggie Rizzi she does not anticipate it will be a normal day. Grief counselors are on hand students deal with the death loss, including   including those from other school districts which offered their help.

"This is going to be a long haul so, we are going to take advantage of the offers we've had from other districts to supplement our counseling staff," Rizzi said.

Rizzi called loss the worst nightmare for any school administrator and urged students should not hesitate to seek out help and support.

"I would say there are many, many caring adults here who have the capacity to help you. If you are a student who is struggling please, don't let anything prevent you from coming to us, because the help is available," Rizzi said.

Rizzi says there are no words to articulate the impact of this loss and says the shock and trauma "will not make sense, because it does not make sense."

Student Brandon Teixara was a friend with two of the victims tells WBZ-TV that his friends would want to remain positive. 

"David Bell and  Nick Joyce were two great friends of mine, it's going to be hard moving forward but I know knowing them they would want me...want everyone to really just keep a smile and positive attitude and stay together for Stoughton," Teixara said. 

Students were asked to wear Orange and Black, the school's colors, to honor their late classmates.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Ben Parker reports

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