Massachusetts Satanic Temple Accuses Twitter Of Discrimination

SALEM, MA. (AP) -- A Massachusetts-based organization that calls itself The Satanic Temple is accusing Twitter of discriminating against it on religious grounds. The group's founder, Lucien Greaves, filed a complaint in March with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, saying that Twitter wrongly suspended their accounts after someone tweeted a threat to the group. 

The Boston Globe reports Twitter has restored the accounts, but not with the "verified" status Greaves wants. An attorney for Greaves says the standards used by Twitter to determine its suspensions and verifications of users is colored by its favoritism toward group's that share the social network's views. 

Twitter says an account is verified if it's determined to be of public interest.The Satanic Temple building is zoned as an art gallery and is open to the public with art installations, lectures and film screenings.

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