Boston Engineers For Long Island Bridge Make Their Case To Quincy Officials

QUINCY, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Boston engineers go before the Quincy Conservation Commission, to make their case for rebuilding the controversial long island bridge. They are seeking a permit from the conservation commission, since part of the project falls within Quincy waters.

A Boston environmental consultant told the Quincy Conservation Commission the project would have a minimal impact on Quincy wetlands and the sea floor. Boston wants to rebuild the bridge on top of existing piers, but Quincy city councilor William Harris has grave concerns

“I don't buy his assessment. We hired some really top notch engineers and I don’t believe that this project is environmentally safe,” Harris said.

Boston's chief of streets Chris Osgood is confidence an agreement can be reached,

“we're certainly open to suggestions about ways in which we can refine our approach to reconstruction of the long island bridge,” Osgood said.

Commissioners say they need more information before they can make a decision.

WBZ NewsRadio1030 Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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