Nazi Quote Accidentally Placed in High School Yearbook

Andover High School (Ben Parker/WBZ NewsRadio1030)

ANDOVER, MA (WBZ-AM) –  Andover High School pulls it's 2018 yearbook -- after a Nazi quote was accidentally included.

In a letter to parents, Andover High School leadership write they missed the quote in their editing process, which is not attributed in the 2018 yearbook, and relates to how to sell lies to the public.  Principal Phillip Conrad writes he is 'horrified' such a quote from such a source was included in the yearbook, saying “this is not who were are.” 

Conrad says that the student, who isn’t being identified appears not to have realized he was quoting nazis nor understand the history behind the quote.

In December, swastikas were found drawn on a desk of a Jewish teacher at the school.

Swastikas Found In Andover High School Classroom - Thumbnail Image

Swastikas Found In Andover High School Classroom

Yearbooks will not be sold until the page is replaced, and anyone who already has a yearbook is being asked to return it until a new page is put into the book. 

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Karyn Regal reports.

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