PHOTOS: School Opens Time Capsule After 25 Years

ASHLAND, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Students these days are familiar with internet slangs like TBT for throwback Thursday and FBF  for Flashback Fridays.

But students at David Mindess School got a different kind of throwback—locker number 130 revealed what life was like before the internet became a common part of everyday life.

Sean Thorp turned the locker into a time capsule of the year 1993, when he was a students there.

“It was remarkable how 25 years…how much has changed,” said Thorp.

Photo Gallery A Look at The David Mindess School Time Capsule from 1993

Life back then was mostly pre-internet – pre computer technology.

Fast-forward to 2018 --  Thope now works in the high-tech industry and while 25 years is not a long time, he says what was most touching were the personal notes from family and friends.

And when they opened the capsule and there was a catalogue in it - he realizes most of the students didn't even know what that was as they are so us\ed to doing everything on a device.

“It had occurred to me that they have probably never seen a catalogue,” he said

The locker also contained copies of Sports Illustrated, comic books, and newspapers.

WBZ NewsRadio1030 Bernice Corpuz reports.

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