Plan To Move Cemetery Access Road From Highway Bother Neighbors

PEABODY, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Residents in a quiet area of Peabody are upset over the State's plans to relocate the entrance to three local cemeteries in their neighborhood. 

Right now, the only way people can access those cemeteries is by turning into a small driveway from busy Route 128 -- it's  the only private driveway left which sits along a busy stretch of highway in town. 

The driveway leads to three Jewish cemeteries.

State officials feel it's dangerous for people turning into the driveway from the highway coming out of the cemeteries onto the highway -- so they plan on closing it and re-routing cemetery traffic through a residential neighborhood.

Ann Bettencourt lives in that neighborhood and tells WBZ NewsRadio1030 that she is concerned that the increase in traffic, will have an impact on the children who living in the neighborhood who are always outside playing.

'"It's a little scary. we have a lot of families here, a lot of children and they play outside," Benntencourt said.

Cemetery Manager Dave Mckenna disagrees. He says locating the new driveway in the residential area would not generate a lot of traffic.

"We average about 21 funerals a year - that's all and it's all slow moving traffic" he said.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Kiim Tunnicliffe reports.

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