Expert: Say Pollen Relief On The Way

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --  It really has been hard to miss - all that yellow pollen coating everything outside.

 Your car, your porch, your lawn set, the works. 

Some good news, though, for those of us who get a bit sneezy this time of year. The tree pollen, apparently, is just about done doing its thing. 

So, WBZ NewsRadio1030 asked Barry Burbank, WBZ TV Meteorologist, when we expect to get some relief.

"Next week is the week when that pine pollen should come to an end. Based upon other years, it's pretty much always the last week in June. But not many people are allergic to pine pollen. It's the other tree pollens which have been really bad through the spring and late spring, and those are all done."

Now, Barry does say those with allergies can look forward to another round of sneezing and itchy eyes. This will be around late August to early September, when the ragweed takes over.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Nichole Davis reports.

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