Family of Child Who Committed Suicide Speaks Out On Bullying

MANCHESTER, NH  (WBZ-AM) –  The family of an 11-year old young girl who committed suicide on June 20 in New Hampshire is speaking out after she endured months of bullying by fellow students.

Stepmom Hope Shafer was the one who found Skylar Desmarais, the 5th grader took her own life in the Pittsfield, NH home she shares with her husband Michael Desmarais.

Skylar had left a note, saying she just couldn't take the bullying anymore.  

Shafer says the family is devastated.

“We are still pretty numb and in shock still trying to process what’s going on and coming to terms with our new reality without our baby girl,” Shafer said.

Skylar was a 5th grade student at Highland-Goffe Falls Elementary School in Manchester.

Photo Gallery of Skylar Desmarais Oct 6, 2006-June 20,2018

Shafer says her stepdaughter was tormented by kids, who said if they looked like Skylar, they would kill themselves. 

And the bullying was relentless.

“It was on the bus, in school and cyber bullying. I’s just…she couldn’t…. get away from it no matter where she went,” she said.

Shafer says the school officials where Skylar attended was aware of the bullying and was trying to help.

Now, the family is focusing their efforts on raising awareness about bullying and the fact that words can hurt.

Social Media Raises Risk Of Teen Depression, Pediatricians Say - Thumbnail Image

Social Media Raises Risk Of Teen Depression, Pediatricians Say

A funeral for Skylar will be held on Tuesday in Manchester, NH. While an initial Go-Fund Me fundraiser page yielded nearly $2,990 dollars for funeral expenses, the family says they are asking any future donations to be made to Girl Incorporated of New Hampshire  a non-profit organization, whose mission and passion is to help girls achieve their personal best through one-on-one attention, leadership development.

According to her family Skylar participated in Girls Inc. for the past six years, building priceless friendships with young girls and mentors. Shafer tells WBZ NewsRadio1030 that it Sky loved spending them there and called it her second home.

In addition to their efforts to raise awareness about bullying --  they urge family, friends, teachers, and students visit to learn more about bullying and actions the community can take to prevent bullying.

If you or know someone that is being bullied, please visit Mental Health America to seek help and find resources on conflict resolution.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

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