Islamic Organization On Travel Ban Ruling: 'Dark Day' In US History

supreme court scotus muslim travel ban

People protest the Muslim travel ban outside of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC Tuesday. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- At the Council on American-Islamic Relations, spokesperson John Robbins called the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Trump administration's travel ban a "dark day" in American history. He said the travel ban creates a lot of uncertainty in the minds of local Muslim families.

"People simply don't know whether they're going to be able to come back for their child's graduation," Robbins said. "They simply don't know whether they're going to be able to witness the birth of their grandchild. They're simply unsure of what the future's going to hold for them, or whether, frankly, they should attend one of the top-flight universities in the world, located here in Massachusetts, because perhaps they'll have issues with getting back in if they choose to visit home."

"What we hear over and over and over again is that this is leading to real-world pain for real-world people," he added.

Robbins said the court ruling is similar to a decision allowing Japanese-American internment during World War Two.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Doug Cope reports

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