Randolph Police: Man Propositioned 16-Year-Old Girl For Sex

RANDOLPH (WBZ-AM) -- A Middleboro man was arrested last week after police said he propositioned a 16-year-old girl at a bus stop for sexual acts in exchange for cash. Glenn Everett, 55, is charged with engaging in sexual conduct for a fee with a child under 18. He is due in Quincy District Court Thursday.

The girl walked into the Randolph Police Station around 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 21 to tell officers the man approached her at a bus stop on North Main Street. She told officers the man offered her money for sex. She refused, but he allegedly pressed her and continued to follow her and ask, leading her to leave the bus stop. Everett then walked back to his car and left--but the girl was able to snap a photo of him, which police used to find and arrest him on Wednesday.

Chief William Pace praised the girl's actions.

“The girl was very brave to walk away and even take a picture of the man who approached her, so that perhaps another young girl will not have to go through this same ordeal,” he said in a release.

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