Wrentham Police Ask For Help Finding Missing Bulldog

knox missing bulldog wrentham

Knox the bulldog. (Wrentham Police Department)

WRENTHAM (WBZ-AM) -- Wrentham Police are taking to Facebook to ask the public for help finding a dog they say simply disappeared. The department said they don't usually post about missing animals, but that the case of Knox the bulldog is a particularly strange one.

"No suspects. No clues. And no Knox," their post read.

They said a trainer from Rhode Island was walking Knox and another dog near Joe's Rock off West Street around 8 p.m. When the trainer was attending to the other dog, they lost track of Knox. They called police to the area, but couldn't find the dog. Officers thought this was strange, because English Bulldogs aren't likely to get far on their own--they have stubby legs.

The dog's collar was found nearby, lying on the ground in the middle of a trail, but showed no signs of being forcibly removed. There were also no witnesses at the park, as the hikers and bikers usually there during the day had left. 

"That leaves you to help us find Knox," Wrentham Police wrote in the post. "Is he somewhere out there wandering around Wrentham in the woods or beyond? Was he taken by an unseen stranger who just happened to be on the trail, quickly removed Knox's collar and fled with him? Did someone follow the trainer to Wrentham from Cranston RI where Knox was being trained. Could he back in the Cranston area?"

The department asked those in Wrentham and in Cranston to share the post--and anyone with information about the missing bulldog is asked to contact Wrentham Police at 508-384-2121.

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