Boston Imposing Heftier Fines For Parking Violations

BOSTON (AP) — Parking ticket costs are going up in Boston for the first time in years.

Monday is the first day the city is imposing heftier fines for the most common and problematic infractions. Among the highlights: parking in a residential zone without a permit jumps from $40 to $60, parking in a loading zone from $55 to $90 and parking at an expired meter from $25 to $40.

The city is also raising the fine for parking during overnight street sweeping. That penalty increases from $40 to $90, but vehicles won't be towed anymore. A street sweeping violation during the day will still carry the $40 fine and towing, however.

City officials say Boston hasn't raised parking fines in a decade, and the added revenue will help finance transportation improvements.

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PHOTO: Getty Images

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