Adam Sandler Helps NH Family With Wheelchair

(Credit: Kelly Tambouris/Facebook)

MEREDITH, NH (WBZ-AM) --  A New Hampshire family had a close encounter of the very positive kind with Adam Sandler.

Kelly Tambouris of Manchester, NH says her family was just finishing lunch at a restaurant in Manchester when it happened.

"They were going to do some sightseeing but my dad needs a wheelchair.  So my mom and her friend were trying to get the legs in the wheelchair.  A Gentleman said 'hello ladies can I help you?" and my mom without really looking said "Oh my gosh yes please." They got it the legs in the  wheelchair and my mom really looked at him and said: 'oh my goodness you look like Adam Sandler.' He smiled and said 'oh no, i'm better looking than Adam,"

"So here’s a pretty cool story: my mom and Dad and their friends went to Meredith for lunch and site seeing 😊 my mom and her friend were trying to put the legs on my dads wheelchair but having a hard time... then a gentleman asked, “ can I help ladies?” My mom said sure as sweat was pouring from her and explained what to do. She thought he looked familiar and when they were all set she said, “you look just like Adam Sandler.” He said, “ I’m much better looking than Adam😂😂😂” she thanked him for being so kind and helping! Then her friend asked for a picture. 😊I love him as an actor, but now I like him as a human being! Thanks for helping my mom!!!"

Tambouris's mom took a selfie with the kind actor which is flooding the internet.

Kelly Tambouris says Sandler is more than just a good entertainer.

" I love him as an actor but I love him more as a human being because he helped my mom and dad," Tambouris said. 

Listen To The Full Interview With Kelley Tambouris Below

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