Police: Arrest Made After Newmarket Shelter-In-Place

Credit: Nicholas Lawrence

NEWMARKET, NH (WBZ-AM) -- There was some high drama in Newmarket, New Hampshire where police ordered a shelter-in-place order for residents in the area of Piscassic Street and surrounding areas for a few hours Thursday afternoon.

"Please be advised we have an active situation in the area of Piscassic St. If you live in the area and are in your home please shelter in place. If you are not at home you will not be allowed into the area," Police said on their Facebook Page. 

Those areas were sealed off by a large police presence while they surrounded a condo complex on Piscassic St and Salmon Road while they were attempting to make contact with a suspect related to a domestic violence call.

Newmarket Police tell WBZ NewsRadio1030's Bill Marcus at around 12:48PM officers responded to a domestic violence call at 804 Piscassic St. They were looking for Geoffrey Sneirson,40, who allegedly pistol whipped a woman at that residence. 

They tried to make contact with him and could not.    

Sneirson was later spotted in Durham, NH and was taken into custody. Police say he had a firearm on him at the time of his arrest.  Sneirson was charged with second-degree assault. 

Nicholas Lawrence who lives in the neighborhood tells WBZ NewsRadio1030 that he was awakened from a nap as a multitude of police descended on the area. 

Police lifted the shelter-in-place shorty after 6:11 P.M

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Bill Marcus reports.

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