Mayor Walsh Unhappy About Lack Of Info On Shootings

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A "No Gun Zone" in Dorchester. (Kendall Buhl/WBZ NewsRadio 1030)

DORCHESTER (WBZ-AM) -- Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is not happy that information about shootings i the city is hard to come by--and that those who have been shot aren't telling police who did it.

"If you get shot by a gun and you know who it is, then you need to help us out," he said. "The people that got shot, you need to step up and talk about who shot you, and stop blaming the police, and blaming the community, and blaming society, and blaming all this stuff."

His comments came after a string of shootings in Dorchester on Independence Day left one dead and four wounded. One of the shootings happened just steps away from where several small children were playing in a bouncy house. 

One Dead After String Of Dorchester Shootings
One Dead After String Of Dorchester Shootings
It was a violent Fourth of July in one neighborhood in Boston, with multiple shootings taking place--one fatal, and two just blocks from where kids were playing.
Community Activist Calls Mayor Walsh's Shooting Comments 'Insensitive'
Community Activist Calls Mayor Walsh's Shooting Comments 'Insensitive'
A community activist says at that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh recent comments on gun violence in Boston were "insensitive."

"If a stray bullet hit one of the little kids in there, what are we talking about today?" he said. "Its time for the kids that are active in the game in the neighborhood to man up, step up, and take responsibility for who they are, and never mind this coward way out of shooting each other and then not telling anybody, you know, 'I'm not going to talk about it.' That's what's frustrating."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Ben Parker (@radiobenparker) reports



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