NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for July 6, 2018

Tim Cahill is in for Dan

Attacking Pro-Trump Teen. Thursday, the man accused of throwing a drink in the face a Texas teen at a restaurant and stealing his “Make America Great Again” hat was arrested after the incident was captured on video and went viral.  The victim said "I support my President and, if you don’t, let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off,” he said. “I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me.”  Tim asks if these smaller incidents will lead to something worse.  Listen tonight and join the conversation!

Trump 2020. With the November midterm elections fast approaching, Tim discusses what the Democrats have to do to win the house back and how they can beat Trump in the next presidential election.  What should the strategy be for the Democrats?  What would President Trump have to do to lose the next election?  Call the show and join the discussion!

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