NH Town Bans Bark Mulch In Commercial Landscaping

Bark Mulch Generic

PLAISTOW, NH (WBZ-AM) – When it comes to commercial landscaping, the planning board in Plaistow, New Hampshire has decided the bark is more dangerous than the bite. 

Bark mulch that it at the suggestion of  John McCardle, the town's fire chief.

For fifteen years McCardle has waited for the town to approve a mulch ban to help limit brush fires on commercial lots.

He recently got his wish when the planning board introduced a mulch ban on commercial -- not residential property which helps keep McCardle's staff -- which is comprised in part with volunteers -- from being stretched too thin...and better served the public even on a tight budget.

Dee Voss in the Plaistow planning coordinator.  She says an uptick in fires in the town can be directly linked to the mulch used in commercial landscaping projects.

Voss tells WBZ NewsRadio1030 that even before a commercial mulch ban was put in place some property owners realized they didn't even need bark mulch.

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Chris Fama Reports

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