WATCH: Runaway Sheep Eludes Mansfield Police

( Police)

MANSFIELD (WBZ-AM) -- Mansfield Police are asking for the public's help as a sheep that escaped from the New England Rodeo last week continues to elude them--and they've posted dramatic chase footage on their Facebook page.

The video, taken from the dashcam of the cruiser of ACO Colins and Officer Anthony Lattanzio, shows the sheep running down a street before turning into the yard of a home on Essex Street. Officer Lattanzio can then be seen pursuing the sheep on foot. 

"Last seen hustling away from ACO Collins, Officer Lattanzio, and the very helpful neighbors we found along the way, this sly sheep has managed to elude us into the woods behind 300 Essex," the department wrote. "She is most likely tired and scared."

Anyone who spots the sheep is asked to call the New England Rodeo at 508-858-1102 and to contact Mansfield Police.

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