Byron Hefner Attorney: Release Name of Alleged Victims

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BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --  The lawyers for one of Bryon Hefner's alleged sexual abuse victims went before a judge today, fighting to keep his identity protected. the man is filing a civil suit against Hefner and his husband, former Senate President Stan Rosenberg.

The Judge took the matter under advisement after hearing from both sides

Attorney Mitch Garabedian argued that his client should be known only as john doe, because releasing his real name would only revictimize the former state house aide and cause him a great deal of emotional pain...

“I've had clients who have committed suicide after reporting the abuse for the very first time. after months, sometimes years of dealing with coming forward in the sexual abuse, they reopen old wounds and they just couldn't handle it,” Garabedian said.

“All victims of sex abuse should be proud and strong and step forward. it's an incremental approach for many victims. some victims will not come forward for decades - it's not unusual, then when they do come forward, they want to impound their identities. after time, they realize they're strong enough to reveal their identities,”  he said.

But the attorney for Stan Rosenberg told the judge the public has a right to know the alleged victim's identity. Hefner's lawyer argued these are just allegations against him and his name has already been released. She's wondering why the plaintiff should get the protection of anonymity?

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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