NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for July 13, 2018

Racial Resentment? According to a working paper by political scientist Steven V. Miller of Clemson University, white Americans’ negative attitude toward immigrants are driven by racial prejudices, not “economic anxiety.”  Dan will be joined by Miller to discuss his findings and takes your phone calls.

Governor Chris Sununu Joins the Show.  New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu joins the show to discuss a ruling by the New Hampshire Supreme Court about a bill to make residency a condition for voting in the Granite State.  Listen tonight and join the discussion!

Summer Pests. As we are now into the summer months and are enjoying vacations, have you had any issues with insects, bugs, rodents, larger animals or relatives?  Call show tonight and join the conversation!

Call 617-254-1030 to join the conversation!

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