Husson University Named Best College For Value

Credit: Husson University/Larry Ayotte

Credit: Husson University/Larry Ayotte

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --  With so many college graduates carrying a lot of debt along with that diploma U.S. News and World Report thought it was time to look for value when it comes to private colleges and universities Where can students get the most bang for the buck.

The report says in New England it's Husson University in Bangor Maine.

Tuition and fees there are $17, 561 Dollars for the whole year.

“We want to be responsible. This is an investment for them. We don't want to make it overbearing to the point where they cannot you know go to one of our graduate programs or have a life after college,” said John Champoli, Vice President for Enrollment.

Champoli says getting a higher education degree should be affordable and that Husson keeps the costs by cutting back on frills but not on equipment.

“We've got some of the most state of the art nursing labs you can have you know eighty thousand dollars simulation mannequins and those sorts of things. so it it's not on a student side it's more on the administrative side,” He said.

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