A Carl Stevens Poem For Sgt. Michael Chesna

carl stevens sgt michael chesna funeral

A sign outside the funeral of Sgt. Michael Chesna. (Carl Stevens/WBZ NewsRadio 1030)

HANOVER (WBZ-AM) -- WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens wrote a poem for Sgt. Michael Chesna, who is being laid to rest Friday.


You take the oath to serve and protect...

You see a few things that you'd like to forget, But it's the job you want, it's like no other...

A job devoted to helping others.

When, each morning, you walk out the door, You have no idea what might be in store...

Or when "goodbye" to your kids might be the last time, Before you step across that thin blue line.

You know the risks, but you don't care.

You know that life's not always fair.

But you also know the tears of a woman crying for help, A teenager stuck in a personal hell, An old man mugged as he walks at dawn...

You stand at the intersection of right and wrong.

For that, we are grateful.  For that, we are here.

For that, today, we are shedding a tear.

For that, today, we honor a man

Who stood where few have the guts to stand.

His hand was out, to lift any who fell.

As each round began, he answered the bell, From the fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, He came home with a promise...he came home with a plan.

A plan to help others...that was his life.

It's what he told his children...it's what he told his wife.

That kind of man is a breed apart,

Which is why this bright sunny day is so dark.

He did what we all would say was right...

And for that, Sergent Chesna paid with his life.

As we pause to remember this man on this day, Let's honor those walk in a similar way....

Those, who like him, reach into time,

And walk each day along that thin blue line.

Listen to Carl's poem here:

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