NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for July 20, 2018

Tim Cahill is in for Dan

Dynamic Tolling?  A new MassDOT pilot program is aimed at easing highway congestion by offering commuters discounts on tolling for avoiding peak traffic hours.  This has led many to believe that rush-hour surge pricing would be next.  In an interview on Thursday, Governor Baker said “I think for a lot of folks who don’t have the flexibility to manage their schedule, because, you know, they are working on a time clock, and stuff like that, they are going to view this as incredibly punitive.”  When asked whether the governor intends to veto the measure, Baker’s office said he would “carefully review final legislation on his desk.”  Do you want dynamic tolling?  How would this affect you?  Listen tonight and join the discussion!

This Week in Trump. From meetings with Vladimir Putin to secretly recorded conversations by Michael Cohen, Tim talks about the eventful week of President Trump.  Call the show and join the conversation!

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