Alleged Scratch Ticket Thief Arrested As He Turns In Winning Ticket

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(Getty Images/Tetra Images)

WORCESTER (24/7 NewsSource/WBZ-AM) -- An Ashburnham man is facing charges for allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars worth of scratch tickets in Worcester.

Worcester Police accuse Branden Blackwell, 32, in five different unarmed robberies that took place Tuesday and Wednesday. During those robberies, he's accused of stealing approximately $430 worth of scratch tickets--as well as a purse and wallet.

Police allege Blackwell was caught on surveillance camera. Blackwell's photo was sent out in a department-wide email, and he was arrested Wednesday as he tried to cash in a winning ticket worth one hundred dollars. 

His bail is set for ten thousand dollars.

(24/7 NewsSource contributed to this report)

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