NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for July 27, 2018

Columnist and Author Steve Weisman on ID Theft and Internet Scams.  USA Today columnist and identity theft expert Steve Weisman joins guest host Dean Johnson to talk about fraud effecting both major companies and consumers-including vacation rental scams. Feel free to join the discussion.

Homeland Security Expert Terry Downes on the Recent Mass Shootings.   Santa Fe. Toronto, Parkland,Florida....all places where mass shootings have happened. Homeland Security expert Terry Downes asks is this our new normal and discusses security in the country with guest host Dean Johnson. Come and take part in the conversation.

Gary Sommers of Antiques Road Show is Ready For Call-In Appraisals.  If you've wondered how much your grandmother's nick knacks or that chest under the blanket in the garage is worth, Gary Sommers of Antique Roadshows has the answer for you. Guest host Dean Johnson  welcomes Gary and your calls for appraisals.

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