Man Stopped For Driving Scooter On Turnpike, Using Phone As Headlight

(Instagram/Maine State Police)

KITTERY, Maine (WBZ-AM) -- Maine State Police stopped a man on the Maine Turnpike early Friday morning who was riding a scooter in the dark without headlights--using only his cell phone to light his way.

The 26-year-old Massachusetts main, stopped around 1:22 a.m., claimed to have driven over the border from New Bedford. Maine State Police said in a post on their Instagram account that the man didn't have a valid driver's license and the scooter was not registered.

"Thankfully, he was stopped after travelling only a couple miles into Maine as he was very difficult to see at night without lights," the department wrote on their account. "Just a reminder that mopeds and motorized scooters are prohibited on the Maine turnpike."

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