NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for July 30, 2018

Do Police Chases Cause More Public Safety Issues Then They Solve?   A 32 year old Marine Was killed early Saturday morning when he was struck head on driving down Route 28 on his way home from the hospital where his wife had just given birth to their first child. The other driver had been involved in a police pursuit earlier for erratic operation of his car. Police are not saying if the chase had been broken off at the time of the accident. Please join to Dan to discuss the balancing act between stopping and accident and causing it.

What Happened To The Hand Held Cell Phone Ban In Massachusetts?   Once again the Massachusetts Legislature ends a session with out a statewide ban on hand held cell phones. Is this a good thing or is a ballot question on the subject needed to move things along....Come and take part in the conversation.

Kevin Peterson, Founder of The New Democracy Coalition, Joins Dan to Talk About Re-Naming Faneuil Hall. The New Democracy Coalition wants a black boycott of Faneuil Hall until it is re-named. They want to re-place references to slave trafficker Peter Faneuil, who donated the hall to Boston,  with perhaps Crispus Attucks - an African American believed to be the first person killed in the Revolutionary War. Is It Folly To Erase Our History?  Feel free to call in and join the argument.

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