Methuen Residents To Protest Against Police Raises

METHUEN, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Methuen residents plan on picketing outside of Monday night's city council meeting over the contentious issue of police raises. 

They're upset over a compromise the city reached with its superior officers that would give those officers a 19-percent raise this year and about 25-percent over two years. 

Methuen Mayor Chief of Staff Paul Fahey knows the numbers may sound high. but tells WBZ NewsRadio1030's Kim Tunnicliffe that  the compromise the city reached with the superior officers association represents a much lower pay raise, than the contract negotiated by the previous mayor, who left the new administration to deal with the issue.

"We understand that there is a lot of frustration but I think that there's a lack of clarity on this to some degree, " he said.

The City Council has reduced the amount of the pay raise by $1.8 million dollars, however Mayor James Jajuga is hoping councilors will reconsider and put the money back in the police budget, to avoid a potential lawsuit and the possibility of layoffs in the fall.

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