State Police Remind Drivers Not To Overload Cars

massachusetts state police overloaded cars

(Massachusetts State Police)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Massachusetts State Police have two more photos of overloaded cars for their "What could go wrong?" collection.

First, State Police shared an image on Facebook of a heavily-overloaded pickup truck stopped by Trooper Joel Daoust on I-291 in Springfield. That driver was cited for having an unsecured load, a tire tread depth violation, and an inspection violation.

Then, they shared an image of a car travelling back from Cape Cod that was stopped on Route 1 in Danvers with too many canoes dangling off of its roof. That driver was cited for an unsafe load.

"Please make your vehicle safe before taking to the roads, for your safety, and the safety of all those around you," State Police wrote in one of the posts.

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