Seagull Steals Man's Money At Manchester By The Sea Beach

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MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (WBZ-AM) -- It was anything but a day at the beach for a man from Beverly who had his cash and credit cards stolen at Singing Beach--by a winged thief.

"A seagull allegedly swooped down and grabbed a money clip from one of our beach-goers here over the weekend, and then flew away," Manchester Police Chief Edward Conley told WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Ben Parker. "As of right now, the money clip has not been located."

He said the department is hopeful someone will locate that money clip somewhere and turn it in--and asked the public to let them know if anyone finds the missing Gucci money clip.

A similar theft happened last month in Gloucester.

Seagull Steals Gloucester Man's Wallet - Thumbnail Image

Seagull Steals Gloucester Man's Wallet

Conley suspects the birds aren't money-hungry--he figures they're just hungry.

"My guess is that they are assuming that the bags contain food, and like most people who have experienced seagulls on the beach, they can be very aggressive when attempting to swipe some food that's left unattended on the beach," he said. "Right now, all indications are that this was not an intentional theft."

He added that there were no official suspects at this time.

"We're not sure which seagull it was, so I'm not trying to paint with a broad brush all seagulls here," he said. 

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Ben Parker (@radiobenparker) reports

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