Listen - Jerod Mayo Joins Dan Rea - 8-8-18

A dog trainer out of Cranston, RI is being charged with obstruction after authorities discovered former New England Patriot Jerod Mayo’s pet bulldog dead inside her apartment.  The trainer, Amelia Ferriera, claimed the dog went missing in late June and had sent the family several false leads.  In an Instagram post by Mayo, he wrote “We’ve hired scuba teams, private investigators, lawyers and more when they knew they HAD HIM IN THEIR HOME IN A TRASH BAG tucked away the whole two months. Yeah, A TRASH BAG!” he wrote. “We raised Knox like our child, as you guys can see from our photos and those of you who know us. It hurts to have to accept that our beloved Knox was thought of as trash as they saw our family hurting.”

Jerod Mayo joins Dan Rea.



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