Boston's Top Cop Names Second-In-Command, Chief Of Staff

BOSTON (AP) — Boston's new police commissioner has named his second-in-command and chief of staff.

Commissioner William Gross says Gregory Long will become the department's superintendent-in-chief. The 22-year veteran of the force was previously head of the Bureau of Investigative Services.

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent Dennis White, Deputy Superintendent Michael Cox and Lt. Paul Donovan are being promoted to superintendent.

White will serve as Gross' chief of staff. White previously worked in the office of the superintendent-in-chief and the Bureau of Field Services Night Command.

Cox will lead the Bureau of Professional Development at the Boston Police Academy.

Donovan will be the new superintendent of the Bureau of Investigative Services.

Gross was the department's superintendent-in-chief until he took over from Commissioner William Evans, who left for a job at Boston College.

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PHOTO: Getty Images

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